Quick delete a task in a list

I didn’t find any post on this matter, is this feature avaliable already and I didn’t find it? I’ve been using Vikunja for just a couple of days and that’s totally possible.

For example, let’s assume I have some recurrent list of tasks, like grocery list, or weekly home tasks, that changes a little bit every time. Instead of rewriting the whole list every time, I do a copy in a namespace Templates, so I now have a sort of template list, encompassing all the recurrent tasks. When I need to create a new recurrent list, I copy the template list in the proper namespace and then I delete all the tasks, or groceries, unneeded for that particular week.

Deleting a task needs at least 3 clicks and a scroll down, would it be possible to add a delete icon at the right of the edit icon? The first time it could ask a second confirmation, but with the possibility to set a flag not to ask again to confirm.

In the future, a better solution could be to have an actual template list, where the user can select the exact tasks they need to create the recurrent list (instead of copying the whole list and the delete the unneeded tasks).

Just my 2c :slight_smile:

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Currently not, the only way to delete a task is on the task detail view.

I don’t really like the idea of adding another icon to the task list as there are already three of them in that row. I think another one would be too much, especially since it wouldn’t be used that often (unless you’re handling it like in your use case). I think we could add one to the quick edit side-panel though, maybe next to the save button?

I understand the point, a fourth icon could clogger the list view, especially on a small display. But if it’s shown only on the selected row, it’d look something like this:

It will appear only in the selected row, leaving all the other rows unclogged.

The icon in the edit panel could be another solution, but I’d put it at the top of the panel, in order to avoid the scrolling down to the save button. Something like this:

What about the template idea? Do you think it’s a feasable idea or it looks too complicated?


Personally, I like this one better.

I think it is doable, but not a high priority right now. It’s been in the backlog for some time now.

Totally understand that it’s not a high priority but I wanted to throw my support behind the quick delete button.

Along with me being new to the app, the introduction of Quick Add Magic means there’s a lot of tasks getting made with mistakes that I would like to be able to quickly delete. The only alternative I can see to a delete button is having a bulk-edit option where you can select as many tasks as you like and then edit them all from the detailed task view.

Edit: Just had another thought for a way to keep it clean. When you’re using the click+drag tool you could make a trash can appear temporarily at the top or bottom of the list? You could then drag the task into the bin.

Dragging tasks into a trash bin sounds like a nice idea.

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Yeah, I mean it might not work so well on desktop but it would definitely still beat going to detailed task view when you’re trying to delete large numbers of tasks at once.

I imagine it would be a bit more tricky to implement this than a simple trash button though?

Yeah definitely tricky to implement, but I wouldn’t say took complicated. Of course there’s ux details which need a good solution but overall, doable.

just a trash button on the right side,
click on it activates a ‘deletion mode’
use the click box of each task to selecte the ones you want to delete
click again on the trash
validation pop-up

Edit for clarification:

I really like this idea.

Adding to this, rather than a trash button, it could be a “select button” Once you select several items you could choose to delete, or move. Possibly other actions also.