Possibility to organize/manually sorting favourite tasks?

Hello there !

I just wanted to ask about the possibility of organizing/manually sorting favourite tasks in “list” mode, in future versions. Currently, this does not seem to be possible; the icon to move the tasks in relation to one another does is not present for the favourite list.

I think that such a functionality could be important to allow favourite tasks to act as a kind of “cherry-picking” of tasks for the day. It’s something that I’ve been looking forward in many tasks managers, but that is often lacking. Basically, it allows the user to easily “pick” tasks from different lists to display them in a particular “Today” or “Favourite” list of tasks. The user can then use this list to organize the tasks that they want to do for the day, removing the need for back-and-forth between lists of tasks (or manually moving tasks into a new “today” list).

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The problem with reorganizing tasks in the favorite list is the task order is tied to the original task. That means if you’d move it in the favorite list, you would also move it in the list that task originally belongs to. Because of that, reorganizing tasks is disabled in the favorite view. While possible, it would mean a lot of work restructuring that to allow reordering tasks independently from the list they belong into. I don’t see that happening any time soon.

A workaround for what you’re trying to achieve might be to give all tasks a due date for today (or tomorrow or whenever) and then create a custom filter to show only the tasks due today.

That’s a very interesting insight into how Vikunja work; thank you so much !

I understand that it would require a lot of work; and if this feature is not demanded, I’m not sure if it’s pertinent to go along with it. I imagine that this would require using another property for tasks, such as “Favourite order” (un-initialized if the task is not “favourited”; or given the current number of favorites + 1 when the task gets “favourited”), and making sure that the favourite list uses it.

Concerning the workaround that you mentioned, I’m unsure that it would be interesting to use; indicating tasks for today can be a long process, even with the new Quick magic. Plus, if I choose to use a custom filter to do the tasks for today, I can only do it for one list, and not many different lists. If I use the “Upcoming” list, I can’t organize them either.

Still, it’s surely a marginal demand; at a personal level, it’s just one of the few things that prevents me from giving up Nextcloud tasks and going to Vikunja, as things are right now.

That’s pretty much the gist of it, yes. It would also require some code to manage this in a transparent way. I would merge a PR though :slightly_smiling_face:

You can actually do that, when you create a new saved filter:

What else is preventing you from switching?

I’d be delighted to do it myself; I just lack time, and my limited knowledge of Python and C# can only get me so far. I’ll keep that in mind, though : ).

Wow ! I thought that the filter only applied to the current list ! Thank you for the pointer : ) ! I wonder, though, how it is possible to manually order the tasks in a filter, but not in the favourite list.

Thank you for asking ! Though I hope that my phrasing didn’t sound like “please listen to my complaints about it” : ). Vikunja is still an awesome piece of software, and I’m more than ready to do some efforts on my part to adapt to it.

Here is what is making me hesitate:

  • The possibility of managing my tasks offline. Works like a charm with Nextcloud Tasks, but is still currently limited with Vikunja, from what I was able to test.
  • Drag and dropping tasks to another list. That’s what I’ve been using in Nextcloud Tasks to make my “Today” list; but I couldn’t find any way to do it in Vikunja, for now. The only solution I found in Vikunja was to go into the details of each task, and choose “Move to another list”.
  • Get notifications on my phone concerning tasks with deadlines. This might be possible with Tasks.org; but since the Vikunja apk doesn’t work on my phone, I’m a bit unsure of the affair. But it’s important so that I don’t miss things that I don’t remember.
  • Nested subtasks, or an easier way to create subtasks and to see them. Nested substacks is something very instinctive to me; and while Vikunja propose much more types of tasks relations than Nextcloud Tasks, I found myself a bit confused as to how to visualize tasks correctly without them. Still, I think that I understand the philosophy of allowing subtasks to have more of their own life than their parent task, with their own priority, date, and position in different sorting; and I think that I could adapt to it in time. At least, I would love to have the option to indicate a small task list in the description of the task, as is done in Nextcloud Deck.

That’s it ! Thank you again for the answer. It’s always a pleasure to learn more about Vikunja.

That’s something that shouldn’t be possible actually. It likely has unwanted side-effects, the same as reordering tasks on a favorite list would have.

That is correct. There are some plans to look into this in the future though, as you probably already know from your forum post.

I think that would be a good addition, and not even a complicated one. Added it to the backlog, we’ll see when I find the time to implement it :slightly_smiling_face:.

The app is being worked on - I hope to have something presentable soon-ish.

Like this?

I see ! I tried to fiddle with it, and it seems that the manually edited order is not saved once you leave the filter page.

I’m really impatient to see more of that : ).

That’s great news ! I got to say that this should be enough for me to make the switch.

Like this indeed ! But from what I tried of it, the ticking of the check-boxes isn’t saved once you leave the description of the task :c. So I thought that it wasnt implemented yet. Is it a bug ?

Sounds like a bug. Can you reproduce that on try? What version are you using?

Yeah, I just tried it again at the instant. I hope I’m not making anything wrong !

Frontend Version: 0.18.1

API Version: v0.18.1

  • Create a task
  • Edit the description to include several checkboxes, like with:
- [ ] Test
- [ ] Test
- [ ] Test
  • Save the description; the checkboxes appear in a clickable form.
  • Click on the checkboxes to tick them
  • Exit the window with the task details (e.g. by clicking on a list)
  • Re-open the window with the task details : the checkboxes are not ticked. Hence, it seems like ticking them is not saved.

If you use * instead of - it will save the description when you check a checklist box. This has since been fixed in the latest unstable version, both - and * work in it. try runs on unstable, it should work there.

Just tried it, in indeed, it works ! Thank you for the pointer : ) !