"Undo" the "undo" of changing the "done" state is confusing

When you mark a task as “done” a toast pops up with a button “undo”. If you click “undo”, a second one pops up that lets you undo what you just undid. While funny, it’s a bit confusing as you might end up in an endless loop of undoing in an attempt to “just leave everything as it was before I opened this page”.

The responsible code:

I suggest not showing the popup if a change is a result of undoing a change.

An alternative is to more clearly show that it’s not actually “undoing” but rather “redoing”. But I don’t think it’s useful enough. And it could be hard to achieve without keeping it confusing.

The issue about introducing the “undo” feature: #59

I think that’s a good idea. It should be easy to extend the function so that a second parameter is available to toggle whether the “undo” button should be shown and set that to false on the second call to markUndone.

Also given how this only undoes marking a task done it’s not entirely useful.

Creating an issue without being aware of this: #3287 - Remove notification when undoing task update - frontend - Gitea