List view: tasks being sorted after marking one "done" throws you off


Say you want to quickly mark several consecutive tasks as done. A matter of click, move cursor 100 pixels down, click, move down, click, right? Wrong. After you mark the first one, it would get moved to the bottom and the one you wanted to click next would actually take its place.

Also given there’s no transition it adds confusion as to what’s going on.

Also they get sorted even when you’ve checked “show done tasks” and “alphabetical order” in the filter settings.


  • Disable this sorting for now, until it is really polished.
  • Remove this sorting completely.
  • Move the task down immediately, instead of waiting for the API response.

I think you’re the first to notice this - and it’s been in Vikunja since one of the very first version (this doesn’t make ypur point less valid though).

Disabling is probably the way to go. I don’t think we should hide the task from the list completely right after marking it done to let people quickly undo the task.

What would you say would “polished” look like?

Maybe I’m just first to put my finger on it and make a post :slight_smile:

I have no more particular suggestions. I simply wanted to say that IMO in its current state it does more harm than good.

Made an MR #3285 - fix: list view: don't sort tasks after marking one "done" - frontend - Gitea

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