Repeatable tasks appear to just have start/due dates reset, instead of creating a clone

Expected behavior:

After completing a repeatable daily task:

  1. See completed tasks when filtering “show completed tasks”.
  2. Comments when a repeatable task is completed are not persisted to the next “generation” of task.
  3. Description of tasks are persisted, but * [ ] subtasks state in the description is not persisted to the next generation of task.
  4. Able to use filters to easily see what I did today already and what I don’t need to do until tomorrow.
  • Filter A: Show only tasks due today or starting today should make it so when I check a daily off, it is hidden from the list view.
  • Filter B: I can see all prior tasks and easily reference days where I did or did not complete the task. (might be user error but hard to figure out what I successfully did yesterday, or a week ago, vs what is needed to do tomorrow)

Observed Behavior

  1. When filtering “show completed tasks”, repeatable tasks are not shown
  2. When a task is completed, the task that is due the next day has the same comments.
  3. When a task is completed, the task that is due the next day has the same subtask state. (ie * [x])
  4. Either not working or hard to figure out how to see what daily tasks were or were not completed on a given day.

If theres a way to query the API ti get this, that would work in the short term for me.

Desired use cases

  1. Habit Tracker/builder
  2. Daily chore completion

The way it is currently implemented is that it only updates the dates and then marks the task as undone.

We could implement this so that instead of moving the dates of the current task to the future when marking it as done, it would duplicate the task and move the dates of that new, duplicated task to the future instead while not duplicating any comments.

I’m not sure how we could create a bunch of tasks for the future. I think there should be only one undone repeating task.

I’m not sure either how to prevent some task that you need to do very often (e.g. every day) from spamming the list to a point where there are hundreds of done tasks from earlier days.

If your main use case is a habit tracker, we might get away with recording when a task was marked as done and then use that data to show some statistics about how often this task or any task in a list was alrady done.

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I like the idea of recording history for certain recurring tasks, I think it would suit my needs.

The other thing that is confusing is that it instantly adds the task back when I complete it which means the list always looks like I need to do 5 things no matter what, and I have to go into the task to see if I actually did it. The filters to show only tasks with start date: today does not seem to work for me. (plus its nice to have the dopamine rush of crossing something off the list and having one less thing to look at, if even for the day)

Maybe another compromise would be the ability to create task cluster “templates”?

ie, after I set a cluster of tasks. I can one-click set up 5 new tasks that will automatically have a start date of today + x and a due date of today + y (in my case of dailies, x and y would be zero) Maybe via the API I can already do with with a giant copy paste block?

Yes, I also want to use the software for recurring tasks.
The way it is implemented now, I don’t see which tasks i’ve done and which I didn’t.
An idea I got was to show the tasks I completed in this timeframe (e.g. today) in another way.

Also, I wanted to use the feature to keep track of birthdays (recurring each year on a specific date) seems to be impossible for me (in the unstable version, too).

Edit: When keeping track of the birthdays, it would be nice to hide the “task” (birthday) in the “Current tasks” overview.