Unable to login after update from 0.18.1 to latest (guess 0.19.2)

Hi i just updated the docker container from 0.18.1 to latest, which is using 0.19.2 i guess
afterwards the login screen of the frontend is answering with “This account is managed by a third-party authentication provider.”

the login screen also looks different, on 0.18.1 it is a simple username/password dialog, while in 0.19.1/2 it has this picture on the left side of it saying welcome back.

i have configured everything via Environment paths as described in Config options | Vikunja
so i have tried to disable VIKUNJA_AUTH_OPENID with “empty” and “false” both did not help, the same applies to VIKUNJA_AUTH_LOCAL when setting to “empty” or "true.

not sure if this is the correct spot to edit those because inside the link there is " Right now it is not possible to configure openid authentication via environment variables."

so what am i doing wrong to disable this third party provider´, which i dont have nor use, it is a normal local user + mariadb host setup?

many thanks in advance

best regards

What exactly are you seeing? Can you share a screenshot?

If you’re not using openid Auth you don’t need to do anything.

that is the latest, expected 0.19.x. the left part is missing in 0.18.1, well this might just be a side issue?

this happens when i hit login

Can you check your database? What is the entry for the user you’re trying to log in with? (From the users table)

That’s a feature, introduced in 0.19.0.

i am not sure what you mean exactly but this is the user entry from the table

The issuer field should have a value of local. Can you set it to that and check if you can login?

jep that changed it, login is possible again, thank you very much.
just want to mention i have not changed any database values since the setup of vikunja in case this should be handled by any migration script or so.

There was a migration that seems to have not run.