User accounts & data gone / deleted

Hello everyone,

i have an installation of Vikunja running on an unRAID maschine. My problem is my created user account and its data are just gone. I restore the data from an backup but some time later (this time over night) its gone again.

Is this a misconfiguration on my end? Is it a bug? Does anybody know this issue?

i’ll add more information about my installation later

edit: it’s probably the problem descriped here.

It was a problem with the docker template for Unraid which has been fixed in the meantime. See my last post in the thread you have linked to.

I had to start from scratch with the latest version, but now the data is stored correctly in the appdata folder. No data-loss anymore.

Great, i’ll try to fix it later. I’ll post an update.

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i fixed it. The data wipe was cause by the faulty docker template. I changed the container version from latest to 0.19.2 and then back to latest and the data wasn’t wiped.
I’ve got one small question do you have any advantage by using an external database container?

I’m looking forward to using vikunja without the fear of loosing my notes :slight_smile:

If you don’t have a lot of users (since you’re running Vikunja on a nas I guess you have at most a handful of users?) there’s no real benefit of using a separate database. A database is great for scaling but if you don’t need to scale the overhead cost is higher than the benefit.

Yeah it’s just me.

Update: My user has been deleted again. The interesting thing is i recived a mail telling me “As requested, we’ve deleted your Vikunja account.” eventhough i didn’t request it.
There is only one log entry at the time where i recieved the mail. No entries for 40 miniutes before and 10 hours after that.
This entry says that the connection to the mail server has been closed.

I’m a little bit clueless.

my config

The only way to get that email is by either manually requesting a deletion or if you manually delete a user via the cli. Either way, there’s action from you involved. There should be something about that in the logs in any case.

Am I missing something?


There should be a request to /api/v1/user/deletion/request if you requested the deletion (which would result in you getting an email with a confirmation request). If not the only way to delete a user is to use the cli with vikunja user delete [id] --now.

i still can’t explain why this happend nevertheless i could restore the data from a backup. I’ll keep an eye on the logs since i obviously didn’t delete my user.

I couldn’t find a request to /api/v1/user/deletion/request in the logs.

I discovered a little bit more weirdness:
When i restore my user data from a dump (and the mailer is set up) i get this mail " As requested, we’ve deleted your Vikunja account." at exactly the next full hour mark.
This happend multiple times after i restored the data. (e.g. restored it at 16:42, recived the mail at 17:00)

Can you check what the value of the deletion_scheduled_at field is in the users.json file and the db after importing?

looks like this after i restored the db


I changed it to "". Is this the default?

This looks like it’s the issue. The column should be something empty or null. Will look into a fix.

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I’ve pushed a fix: fbc4b91e0f
Please check with the next unstable build (~45 min) if the problem went away.

i’ve switched to the unstable build last night. It looks pretty promising my account is still there (it’s noon now). I’ll comment again when my mail service is working agian had a little f*** up last night and deleted its config…

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