Translations. Renaming some "programming" terms


While I was translating this app in Spanish, I found some terms that could be difficult to understand by general people that don’t develop computer software. May I like to discuss with more people these terms and find alternatives.

The initiative to start this thread was a reply from @kolaente @ Crowdin:


@jlsalvador I’d see lists more as projects, not namespaces. There will be substantial changes to the way namespaces and lists work in the future so I think we could just keep it at namespaces for now. I see what you’re saying to be more of a general discussion. I’d love to discuss this further in the forum.

Here are the terms that I found:

  • Namespaces
  • Buckets

My proposal to rename these terms are the next:

  • NamespacesProjects or Workspaces
  • BucketsContainers or Boards


Some facts:

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Because I am a new user here, I can´t post more than two links. Please, remove the space between i.imgur and .com in order to show the screenshots. Sorry.


Namespaces will go away completely in the future. Instead lists will be infinitely nestable to allow for a flexible structure. Workspaces might work as well but I’d consider this something else.

I’m not sure about buckets. We can’t call it “Lists” because that will conflict with Vikunja’s concept of lists. Maybe simply “Column” would work?

Just to update here:

We decided to rename namespaces to projects.

Not sure, if there was already something decided for buckets.

Adding to that, I do personally like the term sections here. This would have the advantage that this term would work in multiple views. So the old sections could be shown as column in the kanban view and as groups in other views.