Temporary marking as done on recurring tasks

Hello. I recently started using Vikunja and I absolutely love it.

However I stumbled upon one thing I’m missing about it. Currently, when I have some recurring task, lets say, every day at 23:00, when I mark it as “done”, it’s instantly getting unmarked and next due date is moving for 1 day.
I want to know if it’s possible to change that behavior from instantly un-marking as done to something like “un-mark as done after current due date”. For example, I mark the task as done at 17:00, till 23:00 it remains marked and only being un-marked after 23:00, when the next recurring period begins.

If it’s currently not possible, I would like to know if something like that might be implemented in the future?


Right now there’s no way to do what you’re describing.

There’s been a bit of a debate recently about this, let’s move the discussion over to this thread: Repeatable tasks appear to just have start/due dates reset, instead of creating a clone - #12 by kolaente