Task with repeating interval and information "due X days ago"

Hi community,

I would like to create a task with a repeating interval of every day.
This by itself is no problem but I would also like to see when I did the task the last time.

For example:

  • Create task1 on Monday with repeating interval every day
  • don’t do task1 on Tuesday
  • on Wednesday the task shows “due 1 day ago”
  • do task1 on Wednesday
  • task1 now shows "due in X hours " or “due in 1 day”

I tried setting the task by using:

This works initially but when I come back ~30 minutes later, the repeating interval disappeared

What would be the correct way to set a task up like this?


Can you explain that a bit? That sounds like a bug

It’s a bit weird but when I wrote the issue, I couldn’t get it to work no matter what.
Now, I was able to create a repeating task as I wanted it, without a problem…

Maybe this can be closed.