Reschedule repeating task

I created the following task:

Vaccum clean living room
Repeating interval: every week.
Due date: 10th October 2022.

On the 10th October I marked the task as done.
New due date was set to 17th October. ok!

Then I completed the task and marked the task as done again on the 14th (three days before the due date). The task was rescheduled for the 24th of October. (due date plus one week)

My expected behaviour: reschedule task for the 20th (current date plus one week). I would expect to reschedule the task from the day it was completed.

Also, by accidentally marking the task as done on the 18th the task was rescheduled for the 31th October (due date plus one week).

Can you clarify if this is the intended behaviour? This probably comes down to personal preferences /type of task.

I see similarities to the post " Repeating Reminder time shift".


Did you try setting the repeat mode to “from current date”?

You are right. My bad. This is the correct way to solve this.