Repeating Reminder time shift

Created a repeating task, every day, due today, reminder @ 6pm. Got the reminder, but didn’t mark the task as completed until around 6:46pm. Now the task says its due tomorrow at 6:46pm with a reminder at 6:46pm. Not really what I was expecting. Would have excepted it to create a task and reminder for 6pm not 6:46. Not 100% sure this is a bug or how it is intended to work, which seems a bit weird.

I was not able to reproduce this on try (latest unstable). Can you check if the problem is broken there as well?

What repeating mode did you set?

Attached a few screenshots. First was on mobile since I wasn’t home, shows the repeating task settings, scheduled for 6pm. Received reminder email at 6pm. Waited until 6:45 than went looked at the task, reminder shows in red since its in the part, but both still say 6pm. Then marked the task as completed. Last screenshot shows the task after it was marked completed, both the task due date and reminder now are at 6:45:46. Will try to upgrade to the latest unstable build this weekend.

Did a few more test, only happens with repeating tasks with a reminder. Have only tried daily repeating task.

Does it work if you change the repeat mode?

Created 2 task, exactly the same except the repeat mode. The “From current date” adjusted the due date / reminder when it was marked completed. The default repeat mode didn’t change the alter the date/reminder.

I think then that’s the solution?