Images pasted into text fields like description or a comment

When you paste an image into a text field like the description or a comment, it uploads the image as an attachment and links to it like this:


This is, uh, sub-optimal, because what you get is a link with link text of “20”. This would be easily fixed by adding a ! prefix so we get this:


which would actually display the image.

It looks like this is an issue with the editor. Looks like it checks if the file ends with an image extension with Vikunja’s task attachment don’t do:

I’m not quite sure if this is something we can solve in Vikunja directly or if it needs an upstream fix. @dpschen What do you think?

Another case for replacing the editor…

A further case for replacing the editor is how lousy it is when you’re on mobile. It does things I can’t even explain. It’s nearly impossible to edit previously existing text.

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Yeah I’ve noticed that too. Gitea, which uses the same editor ended up completely replacing the editor with a plain textbox because of that.

Funny you should mention Gitea. On, I’ve noticed some weird behaviour in the text boxes too, but I don’t see it in my personal hosted gitea instance. Perhaps we’re on different versions?

Very much possible. My Gitea instance runs on 1.15.5, maybe yours is older?