Vikuna - recurring tasks and dates clarification

I am using docker and am opening this on - this is on my local system and not exposed to the internet.

I have a task that I have to do every week tuesday (for 12 weeks). I am going to Set Repeating Interval - I am giving
Repeat - Every Week
Repeat Mode - Default
Each 1 Days
I am not sure if this is the correct way of doing things.

Also I need some help understanding the difference between -
Due Date, Start Date and End Date - Can you please check if this is the correct understanding -

Due Date - the date by which I want to complete my task - this is the date based on which the task will show in Upcoming. If left empty then the task wont show in Upcoming.

Start Date - doesnt need to be filled up when creating a task. When I am taking that task up I need to provide the start date and time and start working on it.

End Date - doesnt need to be filled up when creating a task. When I am marking the task as done then this field will be auto populated?

Here is my configuration of the system -
Frontend Version: 0.20.2
API Version: v0.20.1


It should look like this:

The case you described will repeat it every day.

If the task has a repeating interval it will increase all other dates on the task (due, start, end, reminders) by that interval when you mark the task as done and then make it undone again.

That’s correct.

It’s mostly meant to provide the time while tasks are running - you can use it for the use-case you’re describing. Additionally, Start and end dates are used in the Gantt chart.

It will not be autofilled in that case. If the task already has a due date and you’re setting a start date, the end date will automatically set to the due date.

Thanks a ton for your clarification - just one small help. How to configure this use case -
Say for e.g. Task A - Needs to be repeated every tuesday for the next 5 weeks ?

You’d set it a due date of next tuesday and a repeating schedule of every week. It won’t stop repeating though (that’s not implemented yet).