Separate option for icon and background

[Sorry if this already exists as another discussion! I tried searching, but may not have used the right search words.]

I love having icons on my lists in the overview, but images that look good as small icons don’t always look good as background images. So at least in my cases, the lists often looks very cluttered with background images.

Would it be possible to add either
a) separate options for icon and background image (the ability to set them both separately)
b) an option when uploading a background image to either use it as icon, as background, or both
c) an option to disable custom background images (so that all uploaded background images are essentially icons) – the least flexible, but probably easiest to implement

Any thoughts on this?

An option in the settings for this sounds like the best way to solve this. Icons might get implemented as well at some point but as something else. What you’re referring to are basically preview images for projects in the overview?

Yep! Here’s a screenshot illustrating my “problem”. On many of my lists, using an icon (or icon-like) image is very suitable. And that looks great in the overview, but messy in the list view (in my opinion, at least).

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