Search Option among all Tasks


i would like to have the option to search a task among all tasks across all lists.
Is that a planed feature or am i missing it?

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You mean in the datepickers? sorry, wrong thread

The api is capable of doing this so all that’s left is a frontend implementation. For now, you could create a saved filter with all lists and a search term.

thanks for your reply. I will use that probably, but it would really be nice to have it directly in the frontend :slight_smile:
You could implement that in the top of the Site as a search bar for example.

Yes, I have something like that in the backlog.


Came here to add my +1 for an “ad-hoc filter”.

Quick heads up: I’ve just merged a feature which adds a global search + action bar to search for tasks, lists and teams and also lets you create new ones. Unstable release is ready, you can also check it out on try.