Filter(s) for Upcoming

I have tried to see all my tasks in Upcoming, but I can only see all the tasks from the projects I am involved in. At the moment it’s not possible to create (or simply set) a filter to see only the tasks I’m assigned to. Or am I missing something?

Upcoming isn’t filterable other than with the options provided on the page. What you’re looking for is a Saved Filter. Go to the Projects page, then click “New Saved Filter” on the top right and set your filter preferences in the upcoming dialog.

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This works well. There is a bit more clicking, but it does the job. Thanks for the tip.
Is it possible to sort them by “due date”? The same as in “Upcoming”.

It would be easier to just click on “Show my tasks” in the “Upcoming” section. But I’m just talking from a user’s point of view. And making a suggestion :upside_down_face:

Sorting is not implemented for the filters, but the api supports it - should be relatively easy to add. I’ve noted it for the filter rework.

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