Search by task ID (with list identifier)


is it possible to search for a task by its ID (with the list identifier)?

Let’s say we have a list called “Foo” with an identifier “FOO” and it has a task “Some task”, which has a task id “FOO-1” (e.g. in a kanban view). Now, is it possible to search for “FOO-1”?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Right now that’s not possible.

Do you think it would be a great newcomer task?

I’d like to participate in the development and around xmas I might actually find the time to do it :slight_smile:.

More so, this feature would help me easily find tasks from commit messages (I name commits e.g. “[FOO-1] Initial commit”)

I think this could work as a newcomer task. It’s not easy-peasy but it’s a small enough area and not that complex.