New task in table view

It would be really nice if there was a way to add new tasks from the Table view.

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This is planned as part of “New Stuff” menu (top right)

Where exactly is that link supposed to be taking me? It just brings me to a login page.

I think you want to go to

then search for “Create tasks from the table view”. Although the task number in the url @dpschen provided doesn’t seem to match the task number in the url when manually searching for it, which is slightly confusing.

Ah, thanks! I don’t know if this information can be found there and I’m just missing it, but is there an ETA on the next release?

Sorry I wasn’t aware that that link isn’t accessible (I guess it should be @kolaente). So the URL I was posting was correct.

But interesting find! I was searching for that task when I wrote that answer but didn’t remember exactly what it was called. I meant the task called “New Stuff” menu (top right)" which would solve what “Create tasks from the table view” tries to solve but for all views at the same time.

We generally don’t have ETAs, since we build Vikunja in our free time. In order to increase our motivation to implement a feature you can donate us or help with the development.

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