Searching for a specific task within a specific list

Using the list and task special characters, should I be able to do something like this to search for a task “batman” in a list “movies”?

Currently, this doesn’t work for me.

Currently it is not implemented that way. It only checks the first character for #, * or @.

I think it would make sense if it worked the way you described it, added to the backlog.

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Since this is going to be re-worked, I would also like a way to search by label or tag. Perhaps another symbol (’$’, maybe) can be used for searching labels.

So the following search string:

*movies #hangover $comedy

would search for tasks in the “Movies” list, with “hangover” included in their titles, that are also tagged with “comedy”.

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This just landed in #943 - feat: search in quick actions - frontend - Gitea - please test with the latest unstable release or on try in ~30 min when the CI released it.