Rules for Kanban

I am new to Vikunja and have been using this service for the last couple of weeks with great pleasure. Big thanks to everyone who makes this possible!

From digging around the git repo I realize that Kanban was only recently added to the ever growing list of features. Which is probably an explanation for its limited amount of features (for now).

If you guys were not already planning to add this anyway, I’d like to request a rule-feature for Kanbanboards which would move cards to buckets automatically according to a user-defined rule set.

I guess the concept is obvious and similar to what the ‘big-players’ do (i.e. Wekan, Atlassian Jira, etc…).

Greetings and thanks again for your awesome work!

Hey there, thank you for your kind words!

I plan on having these kinds of automating things (not just kanban) eventually but this will require quite a bit of work, when done properly.
Currently, I can’t really give you a date about when this will come, only that it will come some time in the future.

(Technical Background: Internally, I’d like to have some form of an event system with consumers and event generators etc. That would make automation a whole lot easier because then I could just let the automation bit listen to “Task was moved to a new bucket” event and then do something with that task. Also it would enable other things while providing a maximum flexibility.)