Rotating user assignment for recurring tasks

I am trying to migrate my chore management from Grocy to Vikunja. However, one feature I don’t see is the ability to assign the next user automatically (i.e. user rotation). In a Grocy chore for example, when the assigned user marks a chore as done, it automatically assigns a different user for the next scheduled occurrence.

I have a “household chores” project with many recurring chores/tasks. I want to configure tasks to assign a different user (rotate project users or users on a specific team) when the currently assigned user marks that task as done. Grocy has the following auto assignment types: alphabetical, random, and who has done it the least. I only use alphabetical since I balance chores during the Grocy configuration.

Currently, there is no way built into Vikunja to do this. You can, however, build something with n8n (or a custom program, depending on your skill) to reassign the task to someone else every time it gets marked as done.

Are you aware of any simple n8n examples? I see n8n | Vikunja but I haven’t used the Vikunja API before and am ramping up on n8n, so just looking for some breadcrumbs so I can give it a shot.

No specific examples that I’m aware of.

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Using a Vikunja task updated trigger (webhook), to start the workflow
  2. When the task was marked as done (done is set to true in the task payload), set the assignee from a js expression like (arr => arr[Math.floor(Math.random() * arr.length)])(['user1', 'user2', 'user3']);