Automatic task creation via API

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I setup a Vikunja instance and it’s been going well but there are a couple things that blocking me from totally replacing my existing workflow. I have a ton of stuff that currently feeds into IFTTT or other automatic tools that create tasks via a webhook request to Todoist. I’m willing to do a lil’ bit of work to make it fit right but I’m curious if anyone’s taken a look at automatic task creation via API and what that looks like for them in their use case.

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The documentation you are looking for is here: Vikunja API documentation
under task → Create Task.
So in this case its just a Put request.
I tried it once in the beginning just for fun but haven’t done in depth experiments.

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Yeah, I took a quick look over that and was mostly interested in the experiences of others as to how they were handling any sort of automation for their own use case. I suppose there might not be a lot using Vikunja in that manner that would’ve built their own extensions onto it. Either way, appreciate the response and will go it alone. :slight_smile:

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I played around with n8n and Vikunja to do things like creating a task when something else sends a webhook to n8n but don’t really have anything worth sharing. It works, but the lack of proper api tokens is a bit cumbersome to work around.

Since the api is what powers the frontend you should be able to do everything with it though.

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