Auto assign users according to column

It would be great to have a feature, which automatically assigns a specific user, if a task is put on a column in the kanban view.
We have some projects setup at the moment, so that the columns represent different stages of a task and every stage is done by a specific person.
So if I put a task in column 1 I would like for it to be assigned to person 1, with column 2 person 2 and so on.
I think that would be a great help for us, since then people will be automatically notified by mail of the change.
Doing it by hand isnt a very big hassle, but since it’s the same thing every time, it would be great for it to happen automatically.
What do you guys think?

You could build something like that using the n8n integration.

Another option would be to build the kanban columns based on the assignees with the upcoming view configuration modes (next release, already on unstable).

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The view configuration modes sound very interesting!
Is there a rough roadmap of when the next stable release will come out?

If all goes well, I hope to release it this week.