Accountability and user tracking


I don’t know if I am just missing it, but I don’t see a way to see who marked a task as complete. It shows the time that task is marked. For group projects, it is hard to keep accountability without seeing who is doing what. Ability to filter this way would also work, but the ability to see just on clicking a task would be better. I don’t know if this belongs in feature discussion or if I am just not seeing how to do it. We can of course assign tasks to a specific user. However, in the case where it is assigned to a team and they mark them off as completed, but not yet assigned to an individual, or completed by someone, even if not directly assigned to them, it would be good to see who completed the task.

I had a search and I didn’t see any one else requesting this or having problems finding this.

The information who marked a task as done is not saved, so there’s no way to see that information afterwards. How are you tracking which group if people is responsible for a task, if you’re not assigning it?

You could also just assign all members from that group of people to it.

Yes, for group tasks, we assign all members of a team for common tasks that need to be completed. They mark as complete when done. For specific tasks that need to be assigned to one person, but visible to the team, we assign it to that person in a team project.

Cool, I will add to feature request instead as it will improve accountability for all.

We have a whole sequence of daily and monthly tasks that don’t need to be assigned to a spefific user, but that somebody needs to do. Assigning every task out at the start of the day is time consuming and does not allow team members to pick up and notices slack in the organisation if they only see their own tasks. This spreads the load, however leaves less accounability. Seeing who completed the task makes them accountable.

Currently, if a task is assigned to a user, it can still be marked as complete by other users, too, so it does not improve accountability. Thanks for your help.

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Sounds like you would benefit from being able to assign teams? (unrelated to the accountability, commented in the other thread)

Yes, currently we just use teams to assign to a project so they can see it and we leave it to them to self manage. If we want to assign a particular task, we do so. However, many tasks are more flexible and are more time based, so we assign to the team for whomever is able to action at that time, as they are not busy with customers. We have less control over the flow of customers, so using vikunja for us, is to allow us to manage the tasks we can control while allowing our team flexibility to self manage.

We found without task management, there was a tendency for all the same tasks to be completed daily and the same to be incomplete due to “insufficeint time”. We particularly chose vikunja due to the team based approach rather than being an individual task manager, so thanks for that.