NTFY notifications via Automatisch

Setting up your Environment

  • This guide is to assist in setting up notifications using [ntfy] utilizing [Automatisch] as a middle man
  • Note I set it up this way because I use access tokens for my [ntfy] server, and it was easier at the time, I can work on building a [Vikunja] to [ntfy] direct guide as well

  • Checklist

  • Automatisch
    • install
    • setup webhook
    • add Ntfy
  • Vikunja
    • Install
    • Project
    • Add Webhook
  • ntfy
    • install
    • configure
    • add topic
    • integrate
  • test and enjoy :clinking_glasses:

  • Automatisch

  • setup Automatisch

  • Setting up the Webhook

  • Go to the Flows page and select Create Flow

  • Scroll down to Webhook in the drop down, then select catch raw webhook

  • Vikunja

  • Set up Vikunja however you would prefer, I used the Docker setup provided

  • Once you are ready to setup your webhook, select the project you would like to get notifications for, and select the Webhooks tab.

  • Paste the link from [Automatisch], ensuring to select any notification you would like to recieve before applying settings

  • After you have these settings in, head back over to [NTFY] for your

  • Integrating NTFY

  • Setup your NTFY to your preference, I chose the NTFY Docker Compose w/auth, cache, web push, iOS I also used a custom config.yml(can share if anyone needs it)

  • Then just create an account, login, and create a new topic

  • The easiest way to create a new topic from the web is to select Subscribe to topic

  • After getting logged in, go to My Apps > Add Connection > Ntfy

  • After authenticating your ntfy (if your setup is requires this) you are ready to setup the [Webhook]

  • Note You will need to head over to [Vikunja] to setup the Webhook prior to testing the action.

Optional - Adding Filters
  • If you only want to receive specific events, feel free! :tada: you can use the Filter action to adjust what gets to [Ntfy].

  • I have set up a filter to only take URGENT (BODY.DATA.TASK.PRIORITY: 5) or the label Homelab (BODY.DATA.TASK.LABELS.0.TITLE: “Homelab”)

    • Suggestion Test. Test. Test. make sure you have the data filtered properly before publishing.

  • Testing and Showcase

  • after copying your webhook from [Automatisch] to [Vikunja], you can click the Test and Continue in the Trigger portion, this will result in the last posted task in this list being returned via the webhook

  • Click Continue

  • Add an Action to your Flow, selecting Ntfy from the dropdown, and Send message from the list of actions

  • Next, select the Ntfy server you would like to send to and click Continue

  • Composing your notification

  • This is where you can put any information from the webhook into the composition of your notification.

  • Tip if you use the /tasks/ incombination with step1.body.data.taskid:taskid as a Click URL, it will take you directly to the task from ntfy


    I am currently working on a guide to provide action buttons (view/complete task) using Scriptable and other iOS shortcuts/app workflows.

  • Click continue and you can test!

  • Go back to Ntfy and check

  • If you got a notification, then success :tada: you’re all set!

Naming, and Publishing

  • Now that you have your flow all setup, its time to name it! Choose a good name where it says Name your flow then click Publish

One Final Note

if you need to edit the flow you have setup

it’s super easy!

Just click into your flow from the Flow page and click Unpublish in the top right, edit to your heart’s content, and remember to click Publish again

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Love it! Do you always want to listen to every event or would it work with fewer events as well?

I have it setup for every event, but there is a Filter action you can add to look for more granular events, or have different topics set up for select triggers.

Just realized you may have meant when setting up the Webhook settings in Vikunja, and yes! it totally works if you only want select events, I had turned everything on to test what I can receive. I don’t know how any of the group features work, as I am the only user on my instance, but I can make a couple test accounts and report back if your intersted.

Thank you for this extensive guide. It was straight forward to set this up. The only issue I am having is whenever I update the task on Vikunja, I get heaps of notifications on my ntfy app. Any idea why it bombards me with so many notifications just for one task update? Any help on this appreciated. Cheers

I would say add some of the response values into the body of the ntfy call, and see if the values change when you get the bombardment, then just add a Filter that excludes that value, I mostly have this set up as proof of concept so haven’t tinkered with it too deep.

When I get a chance this week I will mess with this and try to replicate it.