Question about showing overdue tasks in Upcoming views

I would like to ask a question about showing Overdue tasks in the various Upcoming views. It appears to me that when I click on “today” I get a link that has “showOverdue=true” in the URL - which shows me Overdue tasks as well as today. However, when I click on “Next week” or “Next month” the value of the URL parameter is forced to “showOverdue=false”

I have tried using Rewrite rules in my Apache config file - but they only seem to be honored if I actually use the browser’s reload button. This makes me think that the front-end is doing something with Javascript to change the view between Today, Next Week and Next Month without resending the full request to Apache (but updating the data via API)

Is there any way to set a preference so I can control if the front-end uses showOverdue=true on those 3 views? I want to be able to see overdue tasks on each view.

Thank you.


That get parameter is only evaluated in your browser. Using rewrite urls won’t work.

I think there’s even a bug in the current unstable version (testable on try) where it only shows tasks with a due date up to the date you selected - isn’t that what you’re trying to achieve?

Thank you for the quick response. It appears that try and my instance (backend and frontend 0.18.1) are acting differently.

On my instance, here is what I see:

  1. When I click on Upcoming - I get nothing shown
  2. When I click on “Today” in the Upcoming view - I get all over due tasks up to and including today (there is also showOverdue=true in the URL bar
  3. When I click on “Next Week” or “Next Month” - I get all tasks due between today and the end date but not overdue tasks - and the URL bar changes to showOverdue=false

On try, here is what I see:

  1. When I click on Upcoming - I get a task due in 3 days
  2. When I click on “Today” I get the 1 overdue task - but not the future task (which is correct)
  3. When I click on “Next Week” or “Next Month” - I get the current tasks for the time period - and the overdue tasks at the bottom of the list

My goal is to have the Upcoming views all tasks including the overdue ones.

I will try upgrading my server to “unstable” and see if the changes on try are reproducible on my system.

So I have just updated both the backend and the frontend to the current unstable version (v0.18.1+108-22e1a4f151) and the system is acting differently now.

  1. The Upcoming view (/tasks/by/upcoming) is empty (which is incorrect)
  2. The Today, Next Week and Next Month view are correctly showing both overdue tasks and ones with a due date in the time period - although they are sorted backwards with the farthest in the future showing at the top of the list and the most overdue at the bottom of the list

Is this the way you expect it to work?

Thank you.

I’m not quite sure tbh. Ideally it would show all tasks within the range specified, with a checkbox to toggle whether or not it should show the tasks with a due date in the past.
It seems kind of broken currently (on unstable).

JavaScript is not my strength but let me see if I can hack something together over the next week or so (just not in the weekend)

Where do you prefer to get your PR’s - GitHub or your Git server?

A PR would be awesome! The Gitea instance is better, but Github is fine too.

No promises on the PR - it will depend on if I figure out a good solution or not. I am not a programmer by trade, so my code is not always ideal. I will definitely take a shot at it, though. For self hosted software this good, it is worth the effort.

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@dmorlitz I’ve recently merged a big change to the way the upcoming task works, could you check if your original issue is still present?