Login page localisation

Hello, first of all congratulation for the great app!
I have installed it on a vps running a debian server.
I am trying to set the default language of the login page in my language, but even after setting the variable in the config.yml
language: "it"
The login page is always dispalyed in english.
What I find strange is that i know it should be picking the right language from the browser settings like it correctly happens when accessing Vikunja
Any suggestion?

The defaultsettings only affect the settings of new users as explained in the docs. When loading the page Vikunja will check what language the browser has set and uses that, unless you’ve change the settings once in that same browser.
It’s wired in your case this does not seem to work, can you check in a private window? What browser and version are you using? What Vikunja version are you using?

Thanks for the quick response.
I am using version 19.2 of Vikunja.
From the Yunohost project repository.
Tested on Brave android, Firefox on Desktop. Both in private mode.
I think it might be related to the old version. I will see with the mantainer of the mentioned repository

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In User Settings I can set my user language. I configured it to englisch but everything is displayed in german (browser language). I need to click save and then everything is english.

Does it make sense to automatically set the language from the user setting after the login?

I think that would make sense, yes