Kanban board for projects themselves

It would be really handy for me to be able to visualize which projects should be receiving my active attention right now vs which are blocked or otherwise tabled. I realize I can do this to some degree by putting projects as subprojects and looking in the left sidebar. It would be nice to see it in kanban format. In my head I refer to this as the motherboard.

I have a board like this that I manage manually, but keeping it synced up is not my favorite activity.

If you’re not interested in implementing it, I can probably put together a script to run on a cron job that will get the list of projects and the list of cards in the motherboard and sync them up.

Thanks for time and consideration. I will continue to have great love for Vikunja with or without this feature :heart:

Thanks for the suggestion!

I’ll have to admit, it’s unlikely we’ll implement this any time soon though since it’s very specific and not easy to do. You might be interested in the n8n integration for a sync job though.

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