Issue with Dragging cards on self-hosted vikunja

My first post on this forum, Thank you all developers who develop Vikunja.
I recently install vikunja using self hosted option. However, on my Kanban board I can not quickly drag card to other column, need to click and hold for about 500ms before i can drag it

However, this doesn’t happen on demo, on demo can instantly drag the card to another column

Is there any specific setting for frontend to change this behavior ?

There isn’t really a setting for this. Can you reproduce this on try? Did you test this with the same browser on your self hosted instance and on the demo?

When’s the next release? I haven’t wanted to move to a beta version, but I know I posted about this issue a few months ago. I’ll bet it’s fixed in the newer betas.

@SteveDinn if it is fixed on try, it is fixed in the development branch and in the next release.

I hope to get something out at the beginning of this year.

Just tried it out. It is indeed fixed on try.

Sorry for late reply, yeah tested, multiple time, can’t reproduce the issue. on the demo try, it doesn’t have this issue. anyway, don’t worry about it, maybe i did something wrong, will try new installation later when have time.

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I hope to get something out at the beginning of this year.

Just checking in on that release, is it still due out early this year? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m kidding, of course. I realize that you have other things to do than work on Vikunja. But is there anything specific that’s stopping the next release? I’ve checked out your roadmap, but where do you draw the line between releases?

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That depends entirely on the definition of “early this year” :upside_down_face:

Pretty much everything that’s in the “Upcoming” bucket in the kanban view is things I’d like to get in for the next release. Most of these are bugfixes at this point.