Beginner questions

Hello, I’m new to Vikunja and have a few questions:

  1. where is the main issue/bug tracker place? Should issues be opened on GitHub, or here in this forum? And what is with the roadmap using Vikunja, is that the place where everything gets collected together?
  2. is it possible to create multiple kanban views with different saved filters in one project, something like GitHub projects, instead of only having those 4 default views: list, table, gantt, kanban
  3. is it possible to assign some custom fields defined in each project to each task like gh projects have it also with different types: select, checkbox, text, number, … which can be used for filtering too?
  4. is it possible to include vikunja in gitea and have a project for each repo and a card for each issue in sync?
  5. I cannot use the try instance with demo:demo, it says username or password invalid.
  6. it would be cool to have another view type that shows dependent tasks in a graph view.

Except 2 and 3, vikunja is exactly what I searched for a long time and now finally found. Would be very cool if those features somehow exist.

Hi! Thank you for the interest in Vikunja!

Bug reports on, Feature discussions here.

Currently not, but it’s on the roadmap.


No, but once we get the webhook integration done you should be able to build something with n8n or similar to accomplish this.

Works now. The database on that instance is reset every day, probably someone changed the password.

Thank you for your response.

Good to know that custom views are on the roadmap. Do you have a specific link to that, I cannot find it there?

Regarding custom fields, I found this card on the roadmap in the meanwhile, so it seems like I’m not the first one requesting it.

Regarding 6, Would it be possible to add some kind of dependency graph view to the cards?

Keep doing vikunja, it’s a awesome product, to bad that I didn’t found this before.

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This one: Vikunja

Yeah, it’s one of those items we might get to eventually.

I don’t think that’s something we’ll add in the next time, but maybe a feature for the “eventually”-pile.