How to Sync With Radicale?

Hello all,

I’m having a bit of trouble syncing Vikunja with Radicale.

I’ve got my Radicale server running smoothly, and I’ve installed Vikunja on Windows 11 based off of the guide I found here: Windows installation process for a noob

Essentially, I’m running Vikunja locally. I’m currently using NSSM to manage it.

Where I’m stuck is how to get Vikunja to sync with Radicale.
The only option I see through the desktop front-end is this:

It doesn’t look like I can change this URL, and I already have an existing collection on Radicale that I want to sync to Vikunja, not the other way around (which is what this seems to be).

Is this because I’m running Vikunja locally on Windows 11?



Radicale is a caldav server not a client.

Vikunja expose your list in caldav format. That mean vikunja is a caldav server and you can interact with it. If I’m not wrong, radicale is only a server?

Aw, shoot.

So I can’t use Radicale to sync Vikunja with other clients? Bummer.

So how do people get syncing to work with mobile apps like
Currently I’m syncing my data to my computer with Radicale + Syncthing + DecSync CC

Maybe you can sync calendar between each side. You need an external component to do the job

Yeah, this seems to be getting more complicated the more I think about it…
Besides the mobile app being developed, there doesn’t look to be any standard way of getting Vikunja synced with a mobile client. From what I’ve seen, everyone’s doing something different.

I think I’ll just wait for the Vikunja mobile app to be smoothed out.

In the meantime I’ll just continue to use good 'ol Thunderbird to get my tasks on my desktop.

Vikunja is a CalDAV server, not a client - similar to Radicale. You can plug it into, and it should just work. Thunderbird should theoretically work as well.

Yes, that was a bit of a misunderstanding on my part - I thought it could also function as a client (the front-end desktop app, that is).

As you can probably tell, I like doing peer-to-peer syncing (using Syncthing and DecSync CC).
I wonder if someone could make a DecSync plugin for Vikunja similar to how there’s a DecSync plugin for Radicale. But to be honest, that’s just a roundabout way of trying to use Vikunja as a client.

I guess this just stems from my desperate search for a decent desktop CalDAV client. All the best solutions require you to spin up a self-hosted service (Nextcloud and Vikunja), which is quite a lot of setup and buy-in for just task management. And the ones that don’t require self-hosting basically don’t exist (aside from a few abandonwares here and there).

Theoretically you could install the api locally on your PC, configure it to use sqlite and then use syncthing (or litestream) to replicate the database and config across devices. That seems a little more complex than just hosting a web app though.