Vikunja as a Caldav client?

Setting up Vikunja as a Caldav server works just great. But I would actually prefer to use Nextcloud as the Caldav backend and have Vikunja as a beautiful client. Would that be possible?

Seems on wrong categories, should be moved to feature-discussion
Today I didn’t see vikunja as client of a caldav server

Vikunja only supports being a caldav server, not connecting to one. We might add support for importing tasks from caldav, but that’s not happening soon.

Thanks, @kolaente, I appreciate the realistic outlook.
Have you ever thought about adding a habit tracking section to Vikunja? There are many great habit trackers out there, but none (except for Habitica) can be self-hosted.

Not really, as Vikunja is a task manager. I think habit tracking should be a seperate thing.