How to make our users use local authentication again?

Hello! And thanks for creating such excellent software!

I would like to ask for your help:

My team and I used Google authentication to access our accounts. By internal decision, we changed our service suite to Microsoft 365, abandoning our Google accounts.

Now, we want to be able to use a local login, which does not use our previous Google accounts. I have disabled Google authentication in config.yml. Even so, when I try to do a local login with the account (after having requested a password reset to obtain a new password) the software returns the error: “This account is managed by a third-party authentication provider.” How can I make the accounts revert to manual authentication, now that we no longer have our Google accounts?

Thank you for your nice help! Best regards!

I’m not sure if this works at all but here’s my best guess about what you can try:

  1. In the database, users table, change the issuer to local and set the subject to an empty string
  2. Reset the password
  3. After completing the password reset, you should be able to log in using a password.

Why don’t you want to use Microsoft 365 as an auth provider instead?