SSO login give me empty account

I’m using self-hosted vikinja 0.22
connected to SSO (through Keycloak)

I’ve recently updated Vikunja and KeyCloak (major update)
And when i’m connecting through SSO, i have an empty account and I don’t find all my tasks
I even have some overdue tasks and I keep receiveing emails every day from this ghost account, but when I click on task link included in email, it says I don’t have right to see it

It seems like my old account is not accessible anymore
Is there a way to link back my old account, or in the worst case how to delete this old account which keeps sending me emails every day


If you run a select id, username, issuer, subject, email from users in your database, what do you see?

I have 2 times the same user with same email, my issue probably comes from issuer url that changed because of Keycloak upgrade.

Ok thanks i’ve succedded to login to my account, by changing ‘issuer’ value with the new url :partying_face:
I’m gonna change this value for every users who still have the old url so they won’t create a new account on next login

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Glad you figured it out! Vikunja uses a combination of the issuer and the provided id of that issuer to uniquely recognize users. If you change the URL of your Keycloak, Vikunja won’t recognize it as an existing user.