How do I add a task to a specific list?

I have a List called reminders in a namescape call personall.

From the Vikunja homepage i want to quickly write a task and send it to reminders.

As i understand the way to do this - taskname +listname

However, i have tried multiple times and I am getting an error (‘please specify list name’).

Am I doing this wrong?

Also, I cannot seem to save the default list from the settings. It always bounces back with an error.

I am hosting this on Cloudron

Which version are you using?

Which quick add magic mode are you using?

Which error?

App version -
Frontend Version: 0.20.5
API Version: v0.20.4

I am using Vikunja Qucik Add Mode.

While add the name of the default list (under general settings) the error I get is -‘error while saving user settings:’

Anything in the api logs?

Can you tell me how to check this?

Open a terminal, run docker logs -f <name of the vikunja api container>, then try adding a task with a list specified again. You can find the name of the vikunja api container by running docker ps | grep vikunja.

I don’t know anything about cloudron, maybe they have another way of querying the logs.

May 30 15:39:01 2023-05-30T10:09:01.127912045Z: ERROR ▶ v1/UpdateGeneralUserSettings 170 unknown time zone <time zone set at service.timezone>

This is message from the logs