Hide Bucket from "Overview", if no due date is set

it would be great, if you can hide entire buckets from the “Overview” page, so you can create something like an “ideas” bucket, which exists, but does not clutter up the page.

This sounds like a good use case for a saved filter - create a saved filter which shows all tasks you want to see (or hides those which you don’t want to see), then set the filter as what you want to see on the overview page in the settings.

How can I tell a filter to ignore one bucket? Is there something like “not this bucket from project xy”?
Nevertheless maybe a useful feature, by just making a checkbox in the bucket settings?

With the recently merged filter queries (you can already test this in the latest unstable builds) you can do something like bucket_id != <the bucket id> to exclude buckets. This is somewhat hidden though, there’s no autocomplete for it and you need to set the id manually.

I have Version: v0.23.0 atm, is that the needed version?
If not, I will just wait.

No, the filters are not released as a stable version yet. You can try it already with an unstable build or wait for the next stable release.

Ok, thank you. I guess, I will wait for the stable release than.
Great work! Keep it going, i love it!