Customizable Overview Page

I’ve recently started using Vikunja and it’s great!

One thing is currently bothering me, however, namely the overview page that quickly becomes bloated.

The only related thread I could find is this, but not much seems to have become of it. A kind of solution is to create a filter with the namespaces that you’d like to see, but that cannot be integrated into the actual overview page. As such, the first thing you see when you open Vikunja is the overwhelming overview. To see the tasks that you’re actually interested in, you have to click on the filter you’ve created.

A simple fix would be to give users the ability to assign a filter to the overview page. The list of current tasks would correspond to what you would see on the filter’s subpage, the advantage being that this content is now on your home page, as opposed to being hidden a click away.

I hope that my explanation makes sense. I haven’t found a way to do this sort of customization in the current (unstable) release of the front-end, but I’m sorry if I missed something like that by any chance. This feature should (in my eyes) be very straight-forward to implement, as the entire logic behind filters already exists. The only lacking piece of the puzzle is a drop-down menu that changes the behaviour of the list of tasks on the overview page.

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I like the idea of having an option to set a filter for the overview page instead of the default “all tasks across all lists”. I’ll add something to the backlog.