Help : Get error 412: api/v1/user/settings/totp 412

Hi , admin ,

I just running-up this site , and when I visit the page /lists/1/settings/share , I got this error .

Could you give some tips ? thank you

My site work on :
ubuntu 21.10 . amd64
apache + php-fpm
api in docker ( tag: unstable )



part of apache vhost config :

SSLProxyEngine On
ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPreserveHost On

ProxyPass /api
ProxyPassReverse /api
ProxyPass /dav
ProxyPassReverse /dav
ProxyPass /.well-known
ProxyPassReverse /.well-known

Was there an error message in the UI? Please include logs and the response from the request (through dev tools)

The api returns a 412 with an error if totp is not set up, the frontend uses that request (and its response) to show the totp setup or disable user setting. I assume you probably didn’t want to set it up when the error appeard so you can probably ignore the error.