Frontend on windows sorting by date in Table view not working

I’m using Vikunja server 0.22.1 self-hosted on my windows laptop and Vikunja 0.22.0 frontend on windows.

Everything works fine but the sorting by date in the Project Table view.
I sorted the tasks by ascending date but the order doesn’t change.

Take a look at the first column: You’re also sorting by task ID. Only when you remove sorting by that column, it will only sort by due date.

thanks. You are right.
It is quite different from any other sorting I ever seen in any other app or software I used before and i don’t fully understand the reason for this, even because it’s not easy to understand what filter is applied first.

How did it work in other apps? What did you expect in Vikunja?

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Usually it works with a single sorting filter. You can sort by date OR by title OR by number, …

If advanced sorting is available it is usually managed with a advanced filter section (not just by clicking on the main interface filters arrows) and it is clearly highlighted in the UX to make it clear that a advanced multisorting filter is applied. Usually a big CLEAR FILTERS (or RESET FILTERS) buttons is also displayed to clear all the filters, making it more easy to understand that advanced multisorting filters are applied.