Filters: embed into URL and a related bug on Kanban view

Hi. Updating filters on Kanban view (for assignees) shows a blank value using the latest stable branch. Using the latest unstable branch has the same issue.

Is it possible to embed the filter function into the URL, so for example, the link can be shared and the filter is automatically applied. eg

Not sure I understand you correctly, can you share a screenshot?

I guess you’re referring to the first line?

Before, and after applying filter - unable to filter out by name. Its a new PC so

You mean you applied a filter for assignees and it didn’t filter?

Yes, indeed. That’s what I’m seeing and if memory serves this was on the latest unstable build a few days ago.

This sounds like a bug.

Could this be related to what you’re seeing? Can't use Filters button with username inside Kanban · Issue #84 · go-vikunja/api · GitHub

The filter bug is now resolved in 58497f29e6 - please check with the next unstable build if the problem really went away.

Thanks @kolaente. Great stuff. I’ve tested the latest unstable API build and this has been fixed.

With regards to the “embed the filter function into the URL” I realised that it is possible to create and save filters under the “Projects” tab (ie IPADDRESS:8090/projects). However, the Kanban view details are not inherited in this saved filter (it shows a blank page even though its listed in the Kanban view in the parent project page). Gantt view, List view, and Table view work as expected.

Do you want me to post this as a bug on github?

Related URLs, I presume -2 is the filter location in the database.

IPADDRESS:8090/projects/-2/list ### Displays correct values
IPADDRESS:8090/projects/-2/gantt ### Displays correct values
IPADDRESS:8090/projects/-2/table?page=1 ### Displays correct values
IPADDRESS:8090/projects/-2/kanban ### Doesn’t show anything here

It’s not a bug, it’s just not implemented. The solution is a little more complicated, see this issue and this issue.