Filters and checkboxes don't seem to stay


I don’t know if this is intended behavior or the result of something I’ve done wrong, but none of the UI settings seem to stick.
Examples are:

  • Table Filters “Show Done Tasks”, “Priority” filter, etc.
  • Table column sort
  • Upcoming page “Show overdue tasks” checkbox.

Everything I’ve tried seems to be forgotten once I navigate to a different page and then back again.

I’m using Vikunja as a docker-compose container with NFS attached storage.
I see this on both Frontend Version: 0.20.2, API Version: v0.20.1
and Frontend Version: 0.20.3, API Version: v0.20.2

Thank you for your time

The table column sort persists until logging out and not across browsers. Persistence for the rest is not implemented yet.

@dpschen didn’t we saw this topic recently somewhere else?

It sounds like part of what I’m seeing is expected, and part of it should work but there is a potential problem since I don’t seem to be the first to report this.

Please let me know if I can help with logs or anything.

Thank you!

As of right now, it’s all behaving as expected. It’s still not optimal, but working as intended.