Double Favorites

how can i remove Favorits?

thanks in advance

The favorites project shows up when you have at least one task marked as favorite. It will disappear when you don’t have any task marked as favorite.

Yes, that’s right but why is Favorites shown twice?

They shouldn’t be shown twice. Which version are you using? Do they both lead to the same URL?

Backend-Version: 0.21.0~ynh5
Frontend-Version: 0.21.0
API-Version: v0.21.0

Both links goes to the same url


What does that mean?

This might have already been fixed. Does it happen for you on try?

That is the installed Vikunja YunoHost Package Version

Yes in the demo there is only one “Favorites”, so i schould wait for a new YunoHost Package.

The demo runs the last unstable build. Not everything in there is already released in a stable version - it might take a while until you get the fix in a release.