Different options for Quick Add Magic in self-hosted and demon instance

Hi, I’ve noticed differences in my self-hosted instance compared to the demo instance that I had a look at beforehand. The main difference that affects me is that in the Quick Add Magic in the demo instance you can use commands for repeating tasks:


In my self-hosted instance the Quick Add Magic tooltip ends with the “Date and time” paragraph and doesn’t contain the “Repeating Tasks” section and writing “My Task Every Day” doesn’t automatically add repetition.

I’ve confirmed that the major versions are the same (actually the frontend doesn’t seem to be on the 0.18.2 fix yet):

online demo instance:
Frontend Version: 0.18.1+1979-aaee49b70e
API Version: v0.18.1+283-8023674adf
self-hosted instance:
Frontend Version: 0.18.2
API Version: v0.18.1

What’s the explanation for this?

You’re running the last stable release. The demo instance runs the last unstable build.

You can find more about this in the docs: Versions | Vikunja

I understand. Thank you! I might switch to unstable, because the Quick Add Magic is really cool and I don’t know of any other comparable free or OpenSource kanban tool that has something like it. Vikunja is coming along very nicely :slight_smile:

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