Discussion: Ability to share saved filters

Some of our members raised the wish to create a shared filter and share it with a team, such that other members of the team see the filter query. Thinking about that, that might be a quite reasonable idea, potentially also to create a link for sharing the results of the saved filter.

If sharing with a team, the filter should apply within the context of the user, so only projects the user has been granted access to would be showing up. This may or may not yield the same results compared to what the creator of the filter sees, but it would be useful in private instances especially with the OIDC team assignment.

Link sharing might be very difficult to achieve, as we don’t have a user context to run the queries in. That would only work if it’s scoped to your own project(s), otherwise it could leak issues that even the creator of the filter doesn’t have access in.

I’d like to propose to implement the sharing feature with other users and/or teams similar to how project sharing, but not implement link sharing. Any thoughts on that?

It’s probably possible to add this with relatively little work. The sharing should not work for link shares, for the reasons you correctly pointed out.

I’d say go for it :slight_smile:

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