Project view for Parent and Child projects + sharing via link

I would like to be able to see and access the child projects from a parent project. And vice versa. To be able to see and control the parent projects from the child project. At least up to the parent that is still released for me.

If a parent project is released via a link, all child projects should also be released.

In the third step, the release of the child projects via ONE link can of course be set optimally.

Just to clarify: By “release” you mean the project(s) should be made available?

Yes =)

I know this would give people the opportunity to create a large project with many child projects. And thus avoid paying.
Maybe you can restrict access to a project via link, so that only one device per shared link is possible. And that you can only create one link per project.
Or that the option (share projects via link) is not possible for business customers.
Or hope for fair use and that (like me) projects are only shared in a close family environment. - But, as already written elsewhere, if you only share one project via link, without child projects, this option is too complicated in my family :slight_smile: