Cannot assign task to myself


I am still trying Vikunja. For some reasons, it seems I cannot assign a task to myself, though I feel I remember I could do it a few days ago. Is something wrong?


What exactly are you trying to do? What does not work? Can you describe the steps you did, what you expected to happen and what happened instead?

I created a task, and tried to assign it to myself. And nothing happened.

I can assign the task to other people in my team/organization. But when I try to assign it to myself (I type my first name), it doesn’t work, nothing happens.

I hope I am more clear.



Did you set the setting “Let other users find me when they search for my name” in the user settings?

Yes indeed : I unset this setting recently. Now I did set it again and it works. Thanks!

However, the reason I decided to unset it is because I noticed that everybody on could “find” (I did for instance add unknown people on my team). What would be nice is that we could add from our team (and/or people with whome we shared the list or namespace), while disallowing “everybody” to look for us.

Again, I hope that is clear. Thank you!


How could that work? If you’re not already in a team with other people there has to be some way to note that relationship between you and the other person.

There will be some improvements in the future to the way searching works.