Problem with assigning the task to user

I am using Vikunja with openid authentification. I have created my task list and also the team is created.

When i try to add a user for a newly created task of my list. I can’t find the user of my team.

Problem with assigning the task to user in the task.

Can you please clarify this?

How are you searching them? Are they able to be found as per their user settings?

I am searching them. Because I have configured the UserSearch.

      baseDN: ou=peoples,dc=ldapppp,dc=ppcc,dc=com
      filter: "(objectclass=inetOrgPerson)"
      username: mail
      # "DN" (case sensitive) is a special attribute name. It indicates that
      # this value should be taken from the entity's DN not an attribute on
      # the entity.
      idAttr: DN
      emailAttr: mail
      nameAttr: cn

As per my configuration, i can get the result in auto-suggestion(just like the suggestion on add member to my team) ?

Ok I am sharing the screenshot.

Here i am able to find the user on suggestion :

May i have some clarification?

I am sharing the next screenshot here.

But it’s not working for “add user to a task”

May i have some clarification please ?

Where have you configured this? That’s not a config option in Vikunja.

Does it work if you search for the full username?

It doesn’t work even work using username to add user in “Add new user task”

I have configured the UserSearch in Openid tool

Vikunja does not search in whatever openid tool you’re using. Only in users existing in Vikunja.

I don’t agree with you! Vikunja provides the same functionality works in one side. And it doesn’t work in another side. Means. This functionality is not available in that particular part of the vikunja app.

I have clearly shown the differnce from the both side. Still it’s not clear to the supporters. Feel disapointed with Vikunja App creators :expressionless:

I don’t understand what you mean here.

That’s what i am saying! you don’t understand anything since the begining of this conversation! Good bye!

If that’s what you get from this conversation that’s sad but fine I guess.

Hi Kolaente,

I use also OpenId authentification and I have the same problem.
I think what localtestmain means is that we can find the users to add in a team, but not to assign a task. Why ?


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Can you reproduce this on try? The user search works independent of the auth method used.

Note that users don’t necessarily have the same username in Vikunja as in the external openID provider. It’s better to rely on search via name or email address because of that.

Thanks for you quick response.

I try on your link and I’ve got the same problem.
But I search a little more on my end and the problem was me :).

To solve this issue, don’t forget to share your list with the team or the users you want to add to it. :slight_smile:

If @localtestmain you are still nearby. You will want to try it and maybe make a mea culpa.

Thank you kolaente for your time and your software.

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