Quick add magic user assignment?

I found Vikunja by serendipity while crawling the internet and I’m really happy even if some polishing could be great.
I have one question about the quick add magic feature.
How can you assign a user to the task. It says “add their username prefixed with @ to the task”
But that the same as the labels “To add a label, simply prefix the name of the label with @”

So at the end, when i enter a task like
Test @username #myfirstlist
I get a task with a label ‘username’ in the correct list.

What am I doing wrong ?

One welcome addition would be to get a suggestion feature once a @ or # tag is used, with completion. That would be helpful



That is an issue in the help document. The prefix for an assignee is +. I’ve just pushed a fix to fix that in the text.

One thing is not so working as I’d expect in the user assignment
When you want to assign a user, you have to use it’s username, not the name defined in the name field.
Can you add a setting about that ?
I’d rather call by the displayname ; But hardlinks shall point to the profile ID, to allow display name change without losing the link.

Under the hood (in the database) Vikunja uses the user id. Because that user id is numeric, I don’t want to let people use just the id because then you could enumerate it and use it to get the details of other users on the server. Hence, the username.

The problem with using the real name is that there can be multiple users with the same real name while usernames are unique. Ideally, there will be some kind of auto completion when typing +, but that’s not something I see happening very soon (unless you’re willing to put up a PR, ofc) :slight_smile:

Sadly, I have no knowledge for that.
Having multiple display name similar seems a really bad idea.
You could consider limiting that and that would allow to assign by display name…

Yeah, having multiple similar display names doesn’t make it easier to tell them apart but I can’t do anything about the names people have (or choose). There will inevitably be name collisions.

Can’t you test about the existing names to just mention ‘this one is not available’?

This is totally technical possible. But not something anyone should do.

OK, I red this subject.
But at the end, you are basically using the login, which is already a display name with some restrictions…
I guess that the username chosen on registration is tested against the database to avoid duplicates.
Therefore, the ‘display’ name is bringing trouble, especially for assignment.
You have to assign by a username not displayed, and once the task is created, it’s the display name that appears.
That really not smooth and a high hurdle for non tech.
How a noob will be supposed to use quick add magic if they are not able to assign people by their usual display name?

I agree that it’s not very user friendly the way it currently is. However, there’s nothing I can do about the names people have. That’s nothing I can change.

The UX should be improved by adding some kind of autocomplete. That way, you could search and select by people’s real names instead of the usernames.

Indeed, autocompletion by display and username would be helpful.