Can someone help me understand what project.lists does under a filter?

There at the bottom is the ‘project.lists’ thing. I’m sortof expecting it to behave like “include in this filter anything from the projects that you specify in th is field”, but it seems to only allow a few of the projects that I’ve created to show up as options in there.

Can someone help me understand what its purpose is? I didn’t see anything in docs or anything so far. Feel free to point me to a doc that I may have missed.

It took me a while to figure this out but you need to include the name of the parent project in the name of the child project for the project.lists filter to recognize child projects.

For example, I started with

  • Work
    • Project 1
    • Project 2

But the project.lists filter wouldn’t recognize Project 1 and Project 2. Instead, I renamed them like so

  • Work
    • Work - Project 1
    • Work - Project 2

Now the project.lists filter will recognize the child projects and I can create a filter that displays all tasks that fall under the Work parent project.

Edit: I’ve only been using Vikunja for about a week but I get the impression this might be a bug from a change they made to the codebase recently. I think parent projects used to be called namespaces and child projects were called lists. Seems like the filter expects a list to reference a namespace (ie a child project referencing a parent project).

That’s pretty much it. There is a bug with it which you discovered as well, and it should not say projects.list but Projects - that’s a translation issue.

That’s exactly right! I just got back from my holiday and will sort this out soon.

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